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Richway’s DETOXi 300Hrs Bamboo Salt is a pure essential nutrient for keeping your blood pH alkaline. The negative ion action helps to balance the osmosis pressure for maximum cellular energetic performance. In other words, this is chemical free HEALTHY SALT!

RichWay DETOXi is created from sun-dried salt that is compressed into the hollow sections of bamboo. It is then combined with pure yellow ochre and heated nine times in a 1600 degree celsius kiln. The high heat ensures elimination of heavy metals and toxins. This process yields a very pure grade of healthy Bamboo Salt, rich with the essential minerals and micronutrients of Phosphorus, Potassium, Copper, Zinc and Sulfur.

This unique, all-natural, beneficial salt has an extremely high ORP allowing it to perform like a cellular catalytic converter. It is most effective when used 30 minutes before a meal, with a 30 minute BioMat session OR an hour Bio-Belt session.

The primary benefits of DETOXi include cleansing the bodies organs and balancing the cells osmosis pressure bringing noticeable improvement to your energy levels and stamina!

How To Use:

May be used 1-3x per day. This is most effective when used with a 30 minute BioMat session or 30 minutes before a meal. One 8oz. glass of water per packet.